My CCIE Success Story

Crazy Day in RTP with a Happy Ending – My CCIE Success Story Here is my story (warning Wall of Text incoming): *** Back Story *** My journey started nearly 18 months ago when I had a talk with my wife and we agreed that I would start the quest for a CCIE in Routing and Switching. One never really […]

IWAN Implementation Project – Part 3 – Initial Configurations

Part 3 – Initial Configurations With Part 1 of this blog series I covered the project Overview and in Part 2 I reviewed the design choices and now with Part 3 I am going to start diving into the actual configurations of the hardware.  My goal with Part 3 is to walk through the configurations in the order in which I actually configured the devices from scratch […]

IWAN Implementation Project – Part 2 – Design

Part 2 – The Design   In part 1 of this blog series I discussed the overview and challenges of the IWAN project I recently completed.  With part 2 I am going to discuss the design choices made to accomplish the integration of an IWAN architecture into a customers current working WAN environment.  In a brand new “Greenfield” IWAN deployment […]

iWAN Bootcamp – Day 0

I was lucky enough to be selected by Presidio to become the IWAN subject matter expert for the South region of Presidio.  As part of that role I have been sent to a 4 day iWAN bootcamp at the Cisco offices in Richardson, Texas.  Over the next couple days I hope to learn as much as I can about all […]

The History Behind “SPANPort”

As my first post I want to take a minute describe the history behind the name “SPANPort“. My first day as a network engineer for Presidio a few years back, I was asked to go out to a customer site and help them configure a SPAN port on their Nexus 7Ks in preparation for the installation of their new enterprise […]